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Here it is, at long last, a way for our us to talk about ourselves and our many and varied friends and family to talk to one another about the most important thing in all of our dull and mundane lives: The wedding of Rebecca and Sten. Please feel free to discuss anything and everything pertinent. We realize that leaves a lot of open territory but that is the way we like things. We don't intend to edit anyone and everyone should be able to post a comment, please drop us a line if it isn't working for you at By the way, sometimes you have to "refresh" your browser to make sure the latest posts are shown here. This seems to be especially true when posting a comment.


Sten and Rebecca
03.06.06 @ 07:58 PM EDT [link]

OPEN HOUSE! and last blog entry for now
We're hosting a very informal open house on Saturday the 8th of July at our cozy Washington Heights apartment. Drop us a line and come on by! We'll be there from 4pm to the wee hours.

This will probably also be the last posting on this blog until I can get a new blog program installed. Ah technology!
Posted by Sten on 07.02.06 @ 12:26 PM EDT [link] [No Comments]

PHOTOS and Blog
Well, I finally managed to get some photos up. I'll continue to work on the layout and add pictures as we receive them.

In other news, our host has declared that this blog program is taking up too many resources and will be canned in about a week. I'll try to get another one going, but I have the distinct feeling that no one really reads it anyway.

Until next time,

Posted by Sten on 06.29.06 @ 07:12 PM EDT [link] [No Comments]

Photos on the Web
We seem to have some difficulty getting pictures up on to this website at the moment, so we've put a few of the wedding ceremony up on .mac. Take a look and we'll get the rest up shortly!
Posted by Sten on 06.26.06 @ 12:03 AM EDT [link] [No Comments]

I'm sure many of you were wondering what Rebecca and I did for our fabulous honeymoon. We camped! Yes, two nights of car camping and three nights of backpacking in Big Sur on the California coast south of Monterey. We had a fabulous time and we have the bug bites to prove it!

However, now we are back in civilization (or San Jose anyway) and ready to start tackling photos of the wedding. CD-Rs of pictures have started coming in from our various (and avid shutterbug) guests and we hope to have the first set on the website within a couple of days. Please send in your pictures, we would love to see them! CD-Rs or DVD-Rs are good and for the technically inclined with a fast internet connection you can drop photos on the public folder of my iDisk on, username "stenerik".

Posted by Sten on 06.09.06 @ 08:06 PM EDT [link] [No Comments]

Back in New York
We're married! Not only that, but we're happy about it!

We would like to sincerely thank all of our friends and family who made our wedding so special. Whether or not you were able to be at the ceremony we felt your presence and happy thoughts. If anyone there had nearly as much fun as we did, then I think the weekend was a wonderful success.

I know a lot of you took tons of photos during the weekend and we would love to see them! Please send us CDs or DVDs or prints (for you old-fashioned film types!) and we will post them on the website for all to see and download.
Posted by Sten on 05.29.06 @ 09:34 AM EDT [link] [No Comments]

We've arrived!
We look forward to seeing everyone soon! We've got a beautiful early afternoon thuderstorm right now!
Posted by Sten on 05.26.06 @ 12:53 PM EDT [link] [No Comments]

We would like to formally invite everyone to bring their cameras and take as many pictures as you can stand throughout the weekend. We are hoping that our family and friends will snap a ton of pictures and send us a CD (or something) of them. We'll post the most memorable ones on the site! Pictures in that old-fashioned physical format are more than welcome as well.

Posted by Sten on 05.22.06 @ 10:32 AM EDT [link] [No Comments]

Children Amendment
So apparently Full Moon DOES have highchairs, though I guess no cribs? I seem to be getting conflicting stories. If you need a highchair or are at all concerned about having what you need please give us a call or drop us an e-mail.
Posted by Sten on 05.19.06 @ 08:17 AM EDT [link] [No Comments]

A Note on Small Children and Infants
I'm sure everyone is aware that children and infants are welcome at our wedding. However, Full Moon does not have any highchairs or other "small person enhanced" seating. We are more than happy to help anyone who needs such things but not being parents ourselves, we have no idea what that might be. Let us know if you need anything!

P.S. For anyone who is interested: Rebecca's dress is moments from completion.
Posted by Sten on 05.16.06 @ 12:27 PM EDT [link] [No Comments]

Where has the time gone???
I really don't know where May has gone. It started and then, well, we're now half way through and only a twelve short days until the wedding. Not to worry, panic has not set in. Not yet anyway. Or at least not all the way.

If anyone out there is still fishing for rides, please let us know via e-mail and we will try to make sure that as many people are connected with willing riders as possible.

For those of you involved in the ceremony we are scheduling our rehearsal a little later, 6pm on Friday. I know there are a few of you who can't make that, don't worry we'll make sure to clue you in.

Everyone should know that you can start checking in to Full Moon at 3pm on Friday and checkout time is 11am on Sunday. As the song goes, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

See you soon!
Posted by Sten on 05.16.06 @ 12:20 AM EDT [link] [No Comments]

One Month Away!
Can't you just feel the anticipation building? Rebecca and I are very excited to have everything coming together. I know that there are a few of you out there that are still working out travel and housing for the weekend. Please don't hesitate to give us a call or send an e-mail if you we can be of any help or answer any questions. We do need to have a final list of attendees within a few days so if you're considering changing your plans (we promise not to hold it against you!) please let us know as soon as you can.
Posted by Sten on 04.28.06 @ 03:00 PM EDT [link] [No Comments]

At Last; Registered!
Honest! Check out the Registry page of the site for a short list of places we have registered. We will be adding and expanding over the next couple of days, so feel free to check back.
Posted by Sten on 04.15.06 @ 12:58 AM EDT [link] [No Comments]

Registry and Food
We've had considerable interest in our complete lack of a wedding gift registry. Sorry about that, we will have links up for registries by the end of the week, honest!

In other news, we are finalizing our menus for the weekend's meals at Full Moon. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies that we should know about please let us know as soon as possible. There will definitely be vegetarian and vegan options at every meal. In some cases the vegan entree will only be available to those who order in advance. I think we know about all our vegans guests but don't hesitate to say hello!
Posted by Sten on 04.12.06 @ 04:00 PM EDT [link] [341 Comments]

Full Full Moon and Mom
I wanted to let everyone know that the rooms at Full Moon are, pardon the pun, Full. There is still room for camping and we can help finding tents and sleeping bags! Our next best choice for lodging is Shangri-La, about 10 minutes away, their link is on the Lodging page. For those of you patiently waiting to confirm your reservation at Full Moon we've had a small snafu in sending them the room list. Confirmation should be possible starting Monday the 10th of April. In a final note, please keep my mother Winnie in your thoughts and prayers as she recovers from surgery. She is happily at home resting but a few extra good thoughts never hurt!
Posted by Sten on 04.05.06 @ 01:21 PM EDT [link] [1 Comment]

Chuppah Squares
As many of you know, we have asked our family and friends to contribute decorations on squares of fabric from which Rebecca's mother Judy will construct the Chuppah. We feel that getting married under the collective wishes and talents of our extended community is the best place we could ask for. However it is an entirely optional contribution -- whether you are coming to the wedding or not. Judy is ready to start sewing whenever she has a critical mass of squares so don't hesitate to send them on in if you are done. And if you would like another one for any reason, just drop us an e-mail and we'll make sure to get one on the way. Without a doubt we forgot to send someone out there a square, we're not always so terribly organized, so don't be shy about asking for one if you are feeling left out!
Posted by Sten on 04.01.06 @ 12:33 AM EDT [link] [1 Comment]


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