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04/01/2006: "Chuppah Squares"

As many of you know, we have asked our family and friends to contribute decorations on squares of fabric from which Rebecca's mother Judy will construct the Chuppah. We feel that getting married under the collective wishes and talents of our extended community is the best place we could ask for. However it is an entirely optional contribution -- whether you are coming to the wedding or not. Judy is ready to start sewing whenever she has a critical mass of squares so don't hesitate to send them on in if you are done. And if you would like another one for any reason, just drop us an e-mail and we'll make sure to get one on the way. Without a doubt we forgot to send someone out there a square, we're not always so terribly organized, so don't be shy about asking for one if you are feeling left out!

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I'm really impressed by all of the fabric squares that have been sent in already.The wishes, thoughts and artwork are beyond words.

Thanks to all who have sent their love to Rebecca and Sten

Judy said @ 04/18/2006 07:07 PM EDT

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