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06/09/2006: "Honeymoon"

I'm sure many of you were wondering what Rebecca and I did for our fabulous honeymoon. We camped! Yes, two nights of car camping and three nights of backpacking in Big Sur on the California coast south of Monterey. We had a fabulous time and we have the bug bites to prove it!

However, now we are back in civilization (or San Jose anyway) and ready to start tackling photos of the wedding. CD-Rs of pictures have started coming in from our various (and avid shutterbug) guests and we hope to have the first set on the website within a couple of days. Please send in your pictures, we would love to see them! CD-Rs or DVD-Rs are good and for the technically inclined with a fast internet connection you can drop photos on the public folder of my iDisk on, username "stenerik".

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