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03/06/2006: "Welcome to the Wedding Blog!"

Here it is, at long last, a way for our us to talk about ourselves and our many and varied friends and family to talk to one another about the most important thing in all of our dull and mundane lives: The wedding of Rebecca and Sten. Please feel free to discuss anything and everything pertinent. We realize that leaves a lot of open territory but that is the way we like things. We don't intend to edit anyone and everyone should be able to post a comment, please drop us a line if it isn't working for you at By the way, sometimes you have to "refresh" your browser to make sure the latest posts are shown here. This seems to be especially true when posting a comment.


Sten and Rebecca

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Becky Stinks!!!!ttthhhhhhpppppptttt

Joel Bernstein said @ 03/21/2006 03:21 PM EDT

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